• Medical

    Click here for information on customer specific products and installations available to our clients.

  • Industrial

    We can offer an in depth understanding of the issues and requirements facing your sector.

  • Alarm Systems

    We design, supply and install both medical and industrial alarm systems for a wide variety of customers.

  • Maintenance

    We provide a planned servicing and equipment monitoring service to all business sectors.

Alarm Systems

We can offer both medical and industrial alarm systems.

Medical: From monitoring a local ward to a full medical campus, MIPS have the knowledge and capability to ensure a customer specific product is available to our Clients.

Industrial: MIPS can also offer a full range of industrial alarm products to our Clients.

Remote Monitoring: BMS facilities, SMS alerts etc. are just some of the features available to our clients.

Contact us for advice on our full range of Alarm Systems or go to our PRODUCTS page for more details.